How to delete your gmail account

This article will cover how to delete your gmail account. To delete your gmail account follow the steps below.

How to delete your gmail account

1. Sign in to your account and head to the My Account. Under the section labeled Account Preferences, click on the option that reads Delete your account or services:

How to delete your gmail account

2. Select on Delete products:

How to delete your gmail account

3. All of your active Google accounts will be listed here. Click on the Gmail option and then follow the onscreen instructions:

How to delete your gmail account

4. Select Remove Gmail permanently and verify your selection. You will be asked to provide a new primary email address with which to log in to other Google services (i.e. YouTube, Blogger).

Once you’ve confirmed your selection, you will be sent an email from Gmail with the subject Gmail Removal Confirmation. Click on the link to reconfirm your account removal, and then click on Verifyto finalize the removal.

Your Gmail account will be removed from the server with 48 hours. Once you delete your gmail account, the messages will be permanently deleted. You can no longer access them in Gmail.

People who mail your old Gmail address will receive back a delivery failure message. gmail login

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